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Online Ordering



Our integrated online ordering system is embeded into your restaurant pos. This allows for a seamless digital ordering experience for both your guests & staff.


Let your customers place orders from any device, phones, tables, computers and enjoy the same easy experince everytime .

Free restaurant online orders

Truly Free

No Hidden fees, no comissions, no hassle.

Our Online Ordering system is free to use with your POS software.

Orders Ahead

Allow your customers to place orders ahead of time, your online ordering will keep making you money even when your restaurant is closed.

Easy POS and Online Ordering Update


Easy menu synchronizion and management, enable/ disable menus as you go with a simple click. Make items available online and disapear easy and fast.

Throttle orders

Help your kitchen by  managing the flow of orders during peak times. Set time intervals for accepting orders to ensure your kitchen isn’t collapsing with the incoming orders from all sources.


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