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Why choose dual pricing?

We'll show you why.

What is dual pricing?

Dual Pricing is a processing program that allows businesses to significantly lower or eliminate their credit card processing costs. 

The merchant presents the customer with a cash and a credit card price, which allows them to decide on their preferred payment method.



The primary benefit of a dual pricing program for business owners is that you don’t need to stress about the rising costs of accepting payments. 

With rising prices all around the industry you want to make sure your prices are still reasonable while keeping your overhead low.


You are also creating an incentive for your clients to use more cash in your business, which is always beneficial.

Compliance for Dual Pricing

We will provide you with signage to display at the point of sale and at the entrance of your business explaining the dual pricing program.

The non cash adjustment can not exceed 4% of the total sale and must be shown on the receipt and check.

Our system will automatically present the non cash adjustment fee as well as the total if paid cash and the total if paid with card.


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